At Fiona L Campbell Ballet, all pupils are given the opportunity to take  Examinations / Class Awards with the Royal Academy of Dance from Pre-Primary In Dance up to and including Grade 8 Award.   We have always encouraged our pupils to enter for examinations as they provide a focus and goal but most importantly the outcome is a real sense of achievement. Examinations are designed to be a positive event and one which gives the student a chance to perform in front of an examiner. They should be viewed as a special and happy occasion.

We understand that exams may not suit everyone and it is important to note that they are optional at every level. Pupils who do not wish to enter for an exam may still progress to the next level providing they have achieved and can demonstrate an acceptable standard of technique and musicality in their present grade.

If pupils do wish to enter for a ballet examination, it is important that both they and parents appreciate the level of commitment required. It is vital that pupils attend a series of extra coaching lessons in the run up to their exam. These lessons are in addition to their usual class and are attended once weekly usually over a 5 – 7 week period. Pupils will only be entered for an exam if their knowledge of the syllabus is secure and they can perform their work with a sense of poise and confidence. To date, we have had 100% pass rate for entrants at the various levels.

Principal, Kazia Rudewicz is an experienced Royal Academy of Dance Examiner. You can be confident in the knowledge that your child will receive expert teaching and comprehensive ballet training at every stage of her/his development.